Sunday, September 2, 2012

Second Chance Romance, by Asrai Devin

Second Change Romance, the first book in Asrai Devin’s Up In Flames series takes us on a fourteen year “trip” throughout the relationship between Kip Turned and Amanda “Mandy” Greene.

The books starts out in high school.  Kip Turner, the hottest guy in school and a great hockey player, gets bored in math class and starts to wander the school halls.  He comes upon a display from an English class with other students essay’s on what they want to do when they grow up.  He reads an essay and is floored.  He had to meet the author of that essay.

Turns out he didn’t have to go far.  Mandy Greene was in his math class!  Trying to track her down, he corners her in the library where he starts to flirt with her.  One thing leads to another and bam! a relationship.

Once in college, they reach the fork in the road.  He’s been drafted to the NHL, she is still continuing her education.  Not wanting Kip to regret something, Mandy tells him to go follow his dream, and their dream relationship is no more.

Fast forward eleven years and the wonderful world of Facebook.  Kip ‘friends’ Mandy.  After much consideration, Mandy accepts the friend request.  They talk on the phone and decide to have a date.  Turns out, their feelings for each other are still there, and they are just starting to wake up after all that time away.

They start their second chance romance again, traveling the distance between their homes to see each other.  With eleven years of baggage in between for them (Mandy is a single mother), they test their love for each other and try to make it work for a happy ever after.

Being a hockey fan, this book was a no brainer, it needed to be read.  Loving the way how they came back together after all that time apart, this love story can stand the test of time.  

If you had the opportunity at a second chance romance, who would it be with?  What went unsaid between the two of you?

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